Panel discussion to answer alternate lifestyle questions

By Philip Dalton

If you have a question about arguments either for or against alternate lifestyles, the Residence Hall Association and the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Coalition are co-sponsoring an event just for that purpose.

The RHA and the LGBC are sponsoring “Queer Q and A: A Chance to Hate or Educate.” The event will be held from 8 to 11 p.m. tonight at the Stevenson South Lower Lounge.

Richard Flaks, RHA vice president of Programming, described the program as a “question and answer panel discussion. The panel will be consisting of a variety of people, and we can discuss almost any subject.”

LGBC Co-President Brian Turkaly stated the panel “will consist of the LGBC’s co-presidents, a gay student who served in the marines and a heterosexual student whose father is gay.”

Flaks stressed the importance of attending this event. “It is important that people attend programs like this so all opinions can be heard. That’s the only way discrimination can be ended.”

He also stressed the importance of RA attendance. “I feel that this is a very important event for RAs to attend because they work so closely with so many students. Whether RAs know it or not, there is an excellent chance more than one gay student is living on their floor.”

Turkaly said he would like to see people who are anti-gay come and express their views. He said the people who could benefit the most usually don’t come, and it is mostly those with more knowledge who do show up.

Flaks encourages everybody to show up. “Everyone is encouraged to attend this program and voice their opinions and ask questions. Note cards will be available for people to write questions on anonymously and submit them to be asked.”