Sorority auctions off its members

By Talesha Herbert

Two women were sold Monday night for $60 each.

The two, along with 20 others, were auctioned off at the first annual Sigma Lambda Gamma date auction, themed “Who do you want to adore?”

“It was fun,” sophomore communication major Sophia Burgos said. She was sold at the highest bid of $60 along with her friend, sophomore biology major Jessica Campagna. Both girls said they volunteered because they wanted to help the sorority raise money.

“Instead of charging people to get in, we’re collecting canned goods and donating them to community service,” said Susan Medina, a senior business administration major and sorority member. The sorority was founded in 1990 at the University of Iowa in Iowa City and has been at NIU since 1994.

Sorority president Karla Pavone, a junior communicative disorders major, addressed five important principles of the sorority: cultural awareness, community service, morals and ethics, social interaction and academics.

“When you see the outcome, it makes you feel good,” Pavone said.

Medina, who is graduating in December, also participated in the auction to have a good time.

“I’m sad about leaving my sorority sisters — they’re like family,” she said. “I wish for them to continue on with the success they’ll have when I’m gone.”

The auction began with all the participants strutting across the stage and back to their places to wait to be auctioned off.

Although many girls admitted to being nervous at first, they all left with happy men.

Junior marketing major Derrick Green, a member of the Ebony Men organization, participated in an auction held two weeks ago with his organization.

“I came to support the Gammas,” said Green, who also placed a bid on one of the many participants.

Although all participants weren’t sold for high prices, sophomore criminology major Brandon Hawkins said it is what is on the inside that counts the most.

Hawkins, along with many others, wanted to support an event that wouldn’t lead to violence.

“I try to participate in as many functions as I can,” Hawkins said.

Junior OMIS major Yesenia Camacho, a member of the sorority since April, was sold for $51. Camacho said the auction gave her a chance to help her sorority.

Senior accounting major Barbara Borg, chair of the fundraising committee, is in charge of organizing fundraisers every month.

“I enjoy the relationship that I have with my sorors,” said Borg, who was the first to be auctioned off.