Doesn’t agree

I cannot fail to comment on the juxtaposition in your Monday, Jan. 25th issue of the letter from my colleague Kevin McKeough and your editorial, “NIU must fight IBHE axe.” Despite Professor McKeough’s letter, the fact remains that the only university system in the State of Illinois that has rushed to embrace the Illinois Board of Higher Education’s Priorities, Quality and Productivity (PQP) is also the only system in which the University Professionals of Illinois has gained the right to represent the faculty. I refer you to the article by Chancellor Thomas D. Layzell in the Chicago Sun Times of Nov. 21, 1992, in which he says, “PQP is the right initiative at the right time.” Clearly the UPI had less than a major impact on the only system in which it has official status. Finally, if the UPI is going to suggest that they are in some way responsible for “saving” the Southeast Asian languages, they should also claim credit for the lack of sharks in the Kishwaukee River.



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