NIU student cadets benefit from ROTC tuition waivers

By Chris Denzler

NIU student cadets in the ROTC once again have the opportunity to receive state and federal scholarships this year.

The scholarships help cadets who have the determination but not the pocketbooks to stay in school. They also help attract students to the ROTC program who otherwise might not have joined the program.

Cadets who obtain the scholarships receive full tuition waivers and more benefits if they stick with the program past their sophomore year.

Illinois is one of only two states in the country to offer the state scholarships.

Cadet Battalion Commander Dee Dee Dalve said there are no obligations for the state scholarship. However, he said only 10 are given out to each class, depending on which cadets have the highest GPAs.

Although cadets must take a special class on top of their required classes to fulfill their contract for the state scholarship, some believe the scholarships are well worth it.

“The scholarship program was very helpful for my first two years in the ROTC program and allowed me to experience the officer side of the program,” said ROTC Cadet Donald Grant.

Cadets can commit to service and receive more benefits from the program or drop the program at the beginning of their junior year, even if they received a free tuition waiver during their first two years in ROTC.