Students must confirm their plans to remain in or leave on-campus housing

By Kierra Frazier

DeKALB — Housing and Residential Services are requiring students who wish to leave campus to schedule a check-out time between Friday and Sunday to retrieve their belongings and plans to adjust housing and dining fees.

The decision comes after the university has decided to end face-to-face classes and continue fully online.

For students choosing to leave campus, they must schedule a check-out time between Friday and Sunday, according to a Thursday email sent to on-campus students. Students must complete the survey by Thursday night and won’t have access to their building without scheduling an appointment.

Once students have completed the check-out process, the university will adjust student accounts in the coming weeks for housing and dining fees, according to the email. Housing and Residential Services will send out specific details for an adjustment to fees once the move-out process is over.

If a student can’t move out by this weekend, they must email Housing and Residence Services to coordinate another date and time.

Students returning to campus must come back by Saturday and will be moved so all students will reside in just one or two housing complexes, according to the email. One of the locations will be for current students living in Northern View Apartments.

For students who are staying but may be moved into a different residence hall, the credit on student accounts will reflect the changes for the remainder of the semester.