Committee approves rezoning for Ventus data center


Brandon Soto, Reporter

DeKALB — The City of DeKalb’s Planning and Zoning Commission met Wednesday to discuss property rezoning approvals for project Ventus.

Ventus Tech Services, LLC, is a network services company that is working to build a data center south of Gurler Road and East of Route 23. The district originally had a designation for single families but has now been approved for a planned development industrial designation. Members of the committee passed the redesignation unanimously.

The approval also includes the construction of a new road from Gurler Road to Kessinger Road because the former Keiger Road will be used by Ventus for their operations. Money has been allocated for the construction of this new road. It will cost the city $4.6 million.

The project will cost Ventus an estimated $800 million to construct. However, the data center will be bringing at least 40 high-paying tech-based jobs to the area, and according to city officials, will bring more tax revenue for the city than the five largest companies in DeKalb combined.

Cohen Barnes, president of the DeKalb Economic Development Corporation, said that he is glad to see that the city is “diversifying its tax base.”

Matt Swanson, representative of Laborers Local Union 32 for DeKalb County, a labor union supporting craftsmen and partners across the midwest. Swanson said he is happy to see the hundreds of tradesmen necessary for the project and is happy to show support for the economic activity that construction workers will bring to the area, like consuming in restaurants while the project is under construction.