Fundraisers are not hazards

The minor flap about fundraising in residence halls is an example of NIU bureaucracy at its worst.

The office for Student Affairs wants to change the way money is handled in residence hall fundraisers. The proposed change would move organizational fundraising from current lobby locations to the information desks of the halls and would also ban the use of cash.

These fundraisers involve minor amounts of cash and are a pleasant part of the residence hall experience. Candy, flowers and assorted other goods and services are peddled by the hall councils at low prices and for charitable organizations. Slapping restrictions on the process, especially the elimination of cash as a form of payment, will effectively kill the fundraisers.

We’re fairly sure that killing the fundraisers is not the intent of the administration. It seems like the administration simply wants more accountability, which is certainly reasonable. Perhaps it should consider the proposal drafted by the Douglas Hall Council which would have fundraisers work with the information desks to insure accountability.

The fact that Student Affairs is even meddling in the first place is ridiculous. Students would be much better served if the office concentrated on the real problems afflicting NIU like racial tension and rising rates of crime and gangs.