DeKalb Farmer’s Market celebrates 25th anniversary


Visiting a Farmer’s Market during the COVID-19 pandemic

By Jacob Baker

DeKALB DeKalb residents will soon get a taste of an assortment of locally grown produce, baked goods, coffee and other amenities like local food trucks at the downtown farmer’s market. 

Starting at 10 a.m. Thursday, at Van Buer Plaza, the DeKalb farmers’ market will be going on every Thursday until 2 p.m., and continue up until September. They will be celebrating the market’s 25th anniversary this year. 

“Since COVID-19 happened, the market will look a little different.” Virginia Filicetti, Marketing Events Manager at the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce said. “We’re still going to have all of our favorite vendors since the beginning of the market and we’ll have food trucks. And as the season goes on we’ll look at adding more vendors in.” 

One of the vendors at the market will be Common Grounds Coffee Shop, 131 E Lincoln Highway. Common Grounds is more than just a coffee shop, they’re a cause driven business that inspires local artists, authors and creative thinkers to combat social injustice, according to Common Ground’s website. Jeff Foster, Common Grounds owner and board director said this will be Common Grounds first year at the DeKalb farmers’ market. 

“We’re going to have our cold brew coffee and we’ll bring our chai tea,” Foster said. “We’ll also have our beans for sale and the fact that we do everything organic, and we give 100 percent of our profits to people of color in the community of DeKalb.” 

The DeKalb farmers’ market has many benefits and creates a positive experience for those who attend despite the limitations of COVID-19.

“The farmers’ market is a really great place to come to and to support your local farmers and support your local economy,” Filicetti said. “There’s that personal connection with vendors who have been there from the beginning and it’s a great place to know where your food comes from. It’s a great opportunity to just get outside in the summertime and shop in downtown DeKalb.” 

Due to COVID-19, the farmers’ market will have safety guidelines in place, according to the farmers’ market website. There will be no live music or interactive programs and vendor booths will be at least six feet apart. Sanitizing and handwashing stations will be available as staff will monitor social distancing guidelines. Everyone is required to wear face coverings and it is asked to stay home if you are sick or have symptoms. 

 “If you’ve never been, come on down,” Filicetti said. “It’s right in downtown DeKalb so you can shop and get your fresh produce, and you can also grab lunch to go from one of our food trucks. It’s really a one stop for lunch and grocery shopping, and then we encourage customers to branch out of the market and go to the downtown shops in DeKalb so you can experience downtown DeKalb in one visit, so it’s really awesome.”