Tails Humane Society’s Pet of the Week: Tippy


Patrick Murphy

Parker Otto, Columnist

Tippy, courtesy of Tails Humane Society

The Tails Humane Society’s Pet of the Week for June 22 is a male cat named Tippy. With hobbies including relaxing naps and playing with a laser pointer, Tippy loves the attention he receives although it does take him time to adjust to new locations and people, according to a June 22 Tails news release.

“We’re not aware if Tippy has lived with other pets before, so we’d recommend a slow introduction to any other pets who are known to be friendly with cats,” Michelle Groeper, Executive Director of Tails Humane Society, said. 

Tippy was a stray and has been living in a home due to the Tails Humane Society, 2250 Barber Greene Road, being closed to visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic, Groeper said. 

Tippy is FIV, or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus positive, meaning that, after a long period of time, the immune system of the infected cat becomes compromised, according to the ASPCA. This disease can only be contracted by felines.

“It is spread between cats through deep penetrating bite wounds and is something Tippy will live with,” Groeper said. “Some FIV positive cats have a shorter life expectancy, but many live a great, long life.”

Cats with the disease can live long lives if they are properly cared for in stress-free, indoor settings. Ways to provide this environment to a FIV positive cat include a healthy diet, proper medication and semi-annual checkups.

He is a reserved cat, somewhat easily startled by loud noises, so we recommend a quiet home with someone who wants to cuddle with Tippy and give him lots of pets and love,” Groeper said.

As Illinois entered Phase 4 on Friday, the Tails shelter is now open to all visitors, but masks and social distancing are still required, Groeper said. The shelter has been closed since the end of March, and adoptions were only possible by appointment.

For those interested in adopting Tippy and seeing other animals available for adoption, pets available and adoption policies are available on the Tails Humane Society’s website. Once an adoption profile for an animal has been filled out, people can come to the shelter to hang out with the animal of their choice to see if that animal is a good match, Groeper said. 

With the Tails Humane Society shelter opened back up to the public, animals like Tippy once again have a stronger hope of being adopted.