Comic Club creates booklet for charity


Courtesy of Comic Club

By Jacob Baker

NIU’s Comic Club is holding a charity event until July 31 that features a limited release booklet full of comics and art from students at NIU. All proceeds go to the Black Art Futures Fund and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, Charity organizer and the head of the Comic Club and senior Illustration major, Riley Oberg said.

The hand-bound booklet features art from Cole Brauer, illustration major that graduated in 2020, Dean Kreuger, illustration major that graduated in 2020, Jeremy Tinder, Illustration instructor at NIU and others. The compilation booklet of art comes with a certificate of authenticity, a thank you note and other goodies and can be found on the comic club website for $25. 

The Comic Club initially started with some of the illustration students at NIU and once some members graduated, Oberg said. The group is mainly a group of artists who come together on a weekly basis to talk and collaborate on projects they are working on. The group has done work around the community, but it’s also for fun. 

Charity organizer and the head of the Comic Club, Riley Oberg thought with the political turmoil going on right now, it would make for an excellent opportunity to put out a booklet that benefits black lives and black artists through a charity. 

The mission of the NAACP is to secure equality to all individuals without discrimation based on a person’s race with donations going to communities and organizations of color, according to the NAACP website. The mission of the Black Art Futures Fund is to promote and preserve black art and culture with donations granted to artists and organizations to support future financial growth and development, according to the Black Art Futures Funds’ website.  

Oberg chose the NAACP because of how well known and reliable the organization is, and because the money will be going towards a good cause. With the choice of the Black Art Futures Fund, it was a matter of supporting black artists. 

“It was to raise money and support the Black Lives Matter Movement.” Oberg said. “Also giving a place for people that I know to use their art for charity.” 

This charity also serves as a learning experience for Oberg and the other artists featured, Oberg said. It allowed them to gain collaborative experience through selling art online through a charity. 

When it comes to the content within the booklet, the themes fall on all sides of the spectrum, Oberg said. It’s about unity, current events and issues, but more importantly, it just gave the artists room to create art. The group has made booklets like this before and something like this will surely happen again.