NIU possible stop for Moseley Braun

By Gloria Carr

NIU is being considered as a campaign stop for Senate candidate Carol Moseley Braun.

A spokesperson for Braun’s campaign said a possible date for her visit is Oct. 15, but a final decision won’t be made until later this week.

The NIU Young Democrats, the NAACP and NIU’s Students for Carol Moseley Braun have been circulating petitions since last spring.

Over 500 signatures have been collected and students are continuing to sign the petitions, said Brad Strauss, president of the Young Democrats.

“We are showing the campaign students are committed and showing the support for her is extraordinary here,” Strauss said.

Recently, Braun has been facing questions about not reporting her mother’s inheritance of $28,750 to Public Aid.

Public Aid would have been responsible for determining if the money should have been used to offset the costs of Edna Moseley’s Medicaid care.

However, her popularity with students remains high, Strauss said. “It has not really had an effect. I really don’t think it’s playing a role,” he said.

Strauss said the response to the possibility of a Braun visit has been unprecedented. “People have been approaching us. I’ve been here five years and never have I seen such an interest,” he said.

Strauss said students who have never been interested in politics want to get involved in the campaign.

“It’s such a historic situation … to change the senate to accurately reflect the people,” he said.

Braun gained national attention after she defeated Al Hofeld and incumbent Alan Dixon in the March primary. She faces Republican Rich Williamson in the Nov. 3 election.