Fill in the blank: Advice for new Huskies


Patrick Murphy

The NIU Huskie Pride Statue and Holmes Student Center are recognizable landmarks to help new students find their way around campus.

One piece of advice I would give to new Huskies this school year is…

Jack Baudoin : Get involved.

We are living in a time where school is not normal. Most of us may not be able to go to class everyday and interact with other students, or hang out with as many friends as much as we would want to. With that being said, the college experience during a global pandemic can still be the time of your life. Do not be afraid to get involved. NIU still has many great opportunities to get engrossed into Huskie culture, whether that is through school organizations, Greek life or other outlets. Just because we all have to stay six feet apart, that does not mean we have to be cut off from each other. Get involved. You will be very happy that you did. 


Summer Fitzgerald: Stay organized.

You are going to be hit with countless assignments, due dates, meetings and commitments all at once. Especially since we have been out of “regular” life for over five months now due to the pandemic, it is even more important to stay on top of everything. Getting a planner, or several, is one of the best things you could do for yourself. Writing your tasks over and over again, even if it is just scratching “go over syllabus,” can be more impactful than you think. Know your limits and schedules, but also do not be afraid to try out new opportunities.


Danielle Elliott: Seek help when it is needed.

It is okay to feel overwhelmed; I know I do. This is not exactly what we thought college would be like. What has helped me get through these chaotic times is focusing on the community that can be created if you reach out to those around you. Last semester was my first semester at NIU, so I understand the struggles of getting connected when most things are shut down. It was not easy to stay connected, but my classmates, professors and student organizations are truly what got me through the chaos. It is okay to be vulnerable and admit that you are a bit lost, lonely, sad or maybe disappointed. Staying connected with others, even if it is just online, is the most important thing a new student can do this semester.