Local area problems arise

By Kevin Lyons

DeKalb Police statistics show that Greek Row has been a hot area for battery and disorderly conduct charges this year.

DeKalb Police records show 111 batteries and 200 disorderly conducts reported in the Greek Row area since January. Greek Row includes Hillcrest Drive, Greenbrier Road, Edgebrook Drive, Ridge Drive, Kimberly Drive and Blackhawk Drive.

However, DeKalb Police Lt. Robert McMorrow said the numbers don’t seem to be significantly high for that area.

“Anywhere you have a high concentration of young people, these types of problems arise,” he said.

McMorrow said disorderly conduct includes a variety of actions.

“Disorderly conduct can be a lot of things,” he said. “It might only be yelling out in the streets.”

McMorrow also said a lot of disorderly conducts mainly deal with noise and behavior associated with parties.

Battery, the other common charge in the Greek Row area, is intentionally or knowingly, without justification and by any means, causing bodily harm to an individual or making physical contact of a provoking nature, he said.

Additionally, McMorrow said battery usually involves fighting or the striking of an individual.

McMorrow said the DeKalb Police Department does all it possibly can to deal with the problems.

“Most of these batteries we answered on calls,” he said. “They take place inside apartments and apartment complexes. We’d have to be out walking around the area constantly to prevent them, and we definitely don’t have the manpower to do that.”

In September, there were about 42 disorderly conduct cases and battery cases in the area and as of last week, cases for October include 19 disorderly conducts and 3 batteries, police reports stated.

McMorrow said he did not think these were unusually high numbers.

In the spring semester of 1992, there were a total of 28 batteries and about 100 disorderly conducts in that area, police reports stated.