Test your ‘American Horror Story’ knowledge with the DeKalb Public Library


Northern Star File Photo

The DeKalb Public Library.

By Jacob Baker

Participants can test out their “American Horror Story” knowledge at 7 p.m. Tuesday through DeKalb’s Public Library free virtual trivia night through Zoom. 

The virtual trivia night will be played through Kahoot. Participants will be challenged on six seasons of “American Horror Story,” including  “Muder House,” “Asylum,” “Coven,” “Freak Show” and “Cult,” according to a Oct. 13 news release from the DeKalb Public Library. 

“American Horror Story” is an anthology based horror series that launched on FX starting in 2011 with its first season “Murder House.” The show has gained a massive following because of its ideas, change of setting and storyline every season and actors that have stayed with the show since the beginning. 

The Library is always trying to plan events around holidays, and Halloween happens to be especially fun, public relations and event manager Samantha Hathaway said.

 Trivia nights get good turnouts for the library. So, they’ve created a slate of events dedicated to Halloween including the “American Horror Story” trivia night and more. And while COVID-19 has put in-person events to a standstill, having virtual events like trivia night has offered growth in terms of turnout and a new positive outlook, Hathaway said. 

“What we have found is that now people from all over can attend our events,” Hathaway said. “So far, we’ve had people from four other states attend, so we’re trying to expand our reach and get the word out there, and plus, we’re working with other libraries now.”  

To get access to the event, those interested must register on the event page, according to the DeKalb Public Library website. Once a confirmation email is sent out, the recipient will receive a link to the Zoom meeting, a phone number to call the meeting and a password to the meeting. It is suggested to join the call five minutes beforehand. 

“‘American Horror Story’ is a brilliant series, and if you’re looking for other people who appreciate how well done that series was, you’re going to want to tune into this event,” Hathaway said. “You will also get the chance to show off your trivia skills and talk to like minded people.”