Friday—last day to withdraw from class

By Wendy Arquilla

Students pondering over whether to drop a class should make up their mind’s quick.

The last day to withdraw from a class is Friday, Oct. 2. Students must go to their individual colleges to withdraw, not the Office of Records and Registration.

Cathy Cradduck, secretary for the office of the College of Business, said the process of withdrawing from a class is very simple.

She said students need to report to their college office and fill out a class withdrawal form. Cradduck said students then meet with an advisor who has to approve the class withdrawal.

There is no penalty as long as the withdrawal is done by Friday. The grade appearing on a student’s report card at the end of the semester will be a ‘W.’ However, there is no possibility of picking up another class.

Bruce Kremer, coordinator of student services for the College of Education, said “there are as many reasons for withdrawing from classes as there are students.” He said students drop a class for a number of reasons, such as not being able to find enough time to devote to a class or simply changing a major

Kremer said that after the Friday deadline, there are no other options, except for medical reasons, that a student can take to withdrawal from a class.

For more information students should call their college’s general information phone number.