Police not anticipating Halloween problems

By R. Scott Lohman

DeKalb and University Police are not expecting any problems for the upcoming Halloween weekend, but still are cautious because of several dances being held at the Holmes Student Center.

DeKalb Police Lt. Richard Moudy said they will not have extra patrol this weekend because they don’t anticipate any more problems than a typical weekend would have.

He said it’s fortunate that NIU and DeKalb don’t have the same regard for Halloween that universities such as Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and the University of Illinois at Champaign do.

“People generally have a good time here (in DeKalb), but they don’t over do it,” Moudy said.

UP Lt. Ken Kaiser said this weekend basically will be normal as far as police protection goes.

However, he said there will be extra manpower provided for greek dances, but this is normal procedure. Other than those instances, no extra security measures will be taken, Kaiser said.

Kaiser said he feels there really is no need to increase manpower for Halloween.

“We’re prepared to expect anything,” Kaiser said. He also said that with Halloween and other special events or seasons, there might come some different incidents and police are extra observant during those times.

Kaiser said he doesn’t really think there will be many unusual occurrences accompanying this weekend. High school-type pranks, such as soaped windows and smashed pumpkins, are all Kaiser said he expects.

“Anything else unusual (would be) pretty limited,” he said.

He also said college students are at an age where they are entering the adult stage and he said he hopes the high school attitudes and actions will not be prevalent.

Kaiser said he expects the parties this weekend will be typical and not like those which occur during Homecoming weekend.

Kaiser also said he hopes people feel safe because the university has provided, at a “great deal of expense, areas which are well-lit, well-paved, well-traveled by the public and well-patrolled by police.”

People who see suspicious, unusual or criminal activities are advised to call the UPs at 911.

Kaiser also said to “have a good time, but keep it safe this Halloween.”