Mind and body routines to keep you healthy and fit during quarantine


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By Dottie Blanchard

As the new year of the COVID-19 pandemic begins, students might be thinking about other ways to keep themselves active and healthy. Since most local gyms and facilities are closed due to government restrictions, home workouts and meal planning can be efficient routines to stay fit.  

There are many home workouts that require little to no equipment but can have impactful results in weight loss, toning and muscle building. Considerably, meal planning is a great practice to pair with these routines to provide the body with all the macro and micronutrients needed daily. 

There are many programs designed for those who sit in front of a computer for multiple hours on end and need to take physical and mental health breaks to keep the mind and body active. 

The Ultimate Dorm Room Workout 

Most students are stuck within dorms or apartments with little to no workout equipment. There is a 15-minute exercise that requires a chair, wall and a motivated person, according to a March 2015 Men’s Health article. This is a muscle tension exercise routine to help strengthen muscles. 

These simple workout exercises should be practiced at least once a week, resting a day between each session, according to the article.

  1. The Tempo Wall Slide starts off with the upper back and head against the wall. 
  2. The body firmly against the wall while raising both arms over head until the back of the hands touches the wall. 
  3. Check the body position by allowing the elbows to be bent at a 90 degree angle. The upper arms should be parallel to the ground. 
  4. Next, pull the shoulders down and back while sliding the elbows up and down as much as possible. 
  5. Make sure that the whole backside of the body stays in contact with the wall to prevent injury. Move at a consistent tempo of 3 second up and 3 second down. 

Doing as many repetitions of each exercise as possible within one minute can show incredible results. It is important to rest for 20 seconds, as it will keep the body from getting overly stressed throughout the  routines. 

For more information visit the Men’s Health website. 

Yoga for Beginners the Mind+Body App 

There are yoga exercises to help keep grounded, especially in the middle of a pandemic, when mental health is important to focus on. Take a break to free the mind and relax the body with yoga exercises that focus on meditation and working the core. 

The Yoga for Beginners | Mind+Body is a free mobile app available on Android and IOS devices. The app is a beneficial platform to help those who are starting to practice yoga. It includes numerous yoga workouts and meditation sessions. Each routine gives an estimated time and calorie count to keep the user in control of their workouts. 

There are also YouTube channels available to help beginner and more skilled yogis practice yoga. Yoga with Adriene is a channel created by Adriene Mishler, a 35-year-old skilled yoga instructor. Misler has a passion for demonstrating yoga techniques at various skill levels within the realm of yoga. 

Yoga mats are $5 dollars available at 5 below. 

A Beginner’s Guide to Meal Planning 

Although people are spending a lot of time at home, students  can still planout days between busy class schedules. Meal planning is a great way to leverage more time throughout the week and to make sure all  daily nutrient requirements are being met. Half and full meal planning is a great way to prepare your breakfast, lunch and dinners throughout the week. 

Meal planning has many benefits. Not only is it a budget-friendly tool to help keep track of the food being put into the body, it is also a great portion control option to help eliminate over-snacking. Meal planning can be a student’s best friend, as they don’t have to take out a large amount of time to make a meal or order food. 

Meal planning does not have to be in square to-go containers with various labeling. Instead, already prepped cut up fruit, vegetables, sauces and other foods prepared to make it easier to cook, according to a March 2017 The Kitchn article

Students are at home way more than usual but this does not mean they should stop being active. There are online resources, apps and platforms to help stay fit in between online lectures and study sessions. These tools will help keep safe and healthy while still being focused on themselves and their personal goals.