Fill in the blank: My first week of classes were eventful


Patrick Murphy

Empty classroom in Dusable

By Kyle Mathas

My first week of school was very eventful. I was still at my parents house while my first few classes began, but during one of my classes, I was moving back to my apartment in DeKalb. As I was moving in, with two minutes to spare, I attended my Broadcast News class. Without moving anything back into my room, I sat down with my laptop, which does not have a camera, and attended my class.

Luckily, I didn’t have to rush to my classes while moving in again like I would for in-person classes. The rest of my classes for the week were smooth and no problem at all. I was fully moved in and I was prepared to get back into the school swing of things after a long, nice and relaxing break. 

There were a couple problems with the first week of school, however. I had a quiz on the lesson material three days after school started. I was not ready or prepared for us to have a graded quiz that early in the semester, but I managed to get a good grade on the assignment. Speaking of assignments, I had a lot of those in the first week of school. Surprisingly, I had an assignment for every one of my classes. Some of the assignments were easy and were syllabus quizzes, but some of the other assignments actually required me to look into my book and try really hard to complete the assignments. 

I did not only sit in my room and work on school work all week, though. I walked around campus to see how it was looking and how it would look for the spring semester. I also went to the NIU bookstore and bought some new NIU merchandise off of the sale rack. 

To top it all off, I went to the NIU recreation center to lift weights and play basketball during my free time. It was an eventful first week of school and I only expect it to get more busy and exciting as the semester goes on.