I am most excited for amusement parks once vaccines are distributed


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Dusk in Ocean City, Maryland with the outline of an amusement park ride against the sunset sky and gloaming blue of nightfall. The idea are lit up for Christmas bring more tourist down for a winter getaway.

By Jack Baudoin

One of my favorite feelings in the world is the one you get in your stomach when you undergo a sudden drop. It is a little hard to get this feeling when I am laying on my laptop all day. One of the best ways to get this feeling is by going on roller coasters, so amusement parks are something that I am very excited to go back to once life returns to normal.

The experience of waiting in line and getting closer and closer to getting on is one of the best ways to steadily build excitement that I have ever seen, knowing that each step you are getting closer and closer to having that lapbar secured. Once it is and you feel the car jerk forward, the fact that you know the only way out now is at the end of the ride is a journey that is one worth taking. As the car slowly and slowly climbs up, that excitement builds more and more as the inevitable drop looms closer. When that car finally starts its descent, that wonderful feeling of your stomach leaping into your throat is felt, and you let out a scream of glee. 

What is so wonderful about amusement parks is that you get to experience this saga of excitement again and again over the course of the day with every new ride. You either love roller coasters or you hate them, and if you are in the latter there might seem little reason to go to an amusement park. Besides that wonderful stomach dropping feeling, there are so many other ways to have fun at these locations.

One can play a game to try and win a giant stuffed animal, or take in a show that is guaranteed to make you chuckle or stomp your feet, or simply appreciate the world that you were transported into the second you walked through those front gates.

Amusement parks are a great way for thrill seekers and non-thrill seekers alike to spend a day. Whether getting the adrenaline rush of going on a roller coaster or taking it slower and partaking in one of the other activities, there is something that everyone can find fun at these locations. Once more vaccines are distributed and these places begin to open back up, I will be first in line to feel my stomach drop.