Bright lights makes NIU safe

NIU is now a brighter place to attend school.

Students, faculty and staff who have walked around the east side of campus, especially around the lagoon, probably have noticed the new lighting fixtures illuminating the area.

NIU received Board of Regents approval during the summer to put in 180 light poles with higher wattage light bulbs. About 75 percent of the lights on the east side of campus will be replaced. Lighting is being replaced everywhere east of Normal Road, north of Lincoln Highway and south of Lucinda Avenue. The project should be completed by the end of October.

It’s not often this editorial board praises the NIU administration, but this is one example of bureaucracy gone well. Putting in the new and brighter lights will enhance safety on an especially dark and deserted part of campus. Students and faculty attending night classes will feel safer making the long walk to their cars. In addition, the lights make the otherwise drab lagoon look more attractive.

In an era where budgets are being cut and higher education is under siege, it’s nice to see NIU investing money in infrastructure. Internal improvements benefit the entire NIU community.