Caution makes for safer NIU

The new security measures for greek dances NIU has implemented should be applauded, but the standing ovation can wait.

The new guidelines appeared to pass the first test over the weekend. There were two greek dances held and the fact that there was no trouble is a good sign that the guidelines could work to avoid violence. However, the true test of the guidelines will be if they can stand the test of time.

The guidelines were inspired by a fight that occurred on Sept. 11 at a dance in the Holmes Student Center. It was not the only incident and it took the administration a while to realize that something more needed to be done to protect students, but they are finally up to date on what needs to be done for the general safety of the campus.

The Black Greek Council should be commended as well as Student Affairs for working in cooperation with each other to come up with effective guidelines. This unity proves that the administration can work with students.

Because there are reputed gang members who came to the dances in the past, searching people and purses before they go into the student center was by far one of the most important new guidelines. This way if a fight were to start, at least no weapons would be involved.

A job well done to both Student Affairs and the Black Greek Council, but NIU shouldn’t let its guard down just yet.