Board votes to allow election

By Jami Peterson

The University Professionals of Illinois and some temporary faculty members have finally gotten what they wanted from the Illinois Education Labor Relations Board.

The board voted Monday to allow a temporary faculty election at NIU to decide on the question of union representation.

The vote will determine whether NIU’s temporary faculty members receive bargaining support from UPI over salary, job security and health benefits.

UPI, a higher education union, wants to help those faculty hired on a yearly basis, but not included on a tenure track.

Board Executive Secretary John Albrecht said the details of the election are under negotiation and should be announced this week.

However, an election must be scheduled 30 days after the vote.

Although UPI President Mitch Vogel is pleased with the decision, he said it should have come sooner.

More than half of the nearly 400 NIU temporary faculty members signed cards requesting union representation last April. UPI and a group of faculty members have been pushing for an election all summer.