Don’t judge TRACS—just yet

Modern technology may bring its share of problems at first, but it is usually well worth it in the long run.

That’s why students should just bear with the NIU Records and Registration Department and hold off judgement on the new TRACS system—for now.

The TRACS system replaced the old stand-in-line add/drop procedure which kept the Duke Ellington Ballroom tied up for days and left long lines of sad-faced, irritated and irate students.

The TRACS system eliminates all of the hustle and bustle as well as the stagnation of the hurry-up and wait process involved in add/drop. Students simply call on the phone and use their touch-tone digits to change their schedules to their liking.

Of course, because the system is new, it still has a few bugs. Students calling Monday afternoon were disconnected. A Tuesday power outage didn’t help matters any. However, Records and Registrations Director Richard Durfee and the computer company worked overtime to get the system back online. Students should realize this and be patient.

After all, isn’t using your phone a lot nicer than standing and waiting for six hours to pick up classes which have probably been cancelled anyway?