Help needed

The Career Placement Center in Swen Parson is a great service for everybody’s major except mine. The internship fair, job fair and career fair were packed with companies looking specifically for every major except mine. The only students reading this editorial who know what major is missing from the want-ads of career services and job fairs are those, you guessed it, with mine—journalism.

The only person who has helped me in finally getting an internship is Dr. Scantlen of the journalism department. It’s true that he is in charge of internships and should be doing exactly what he’s supposed to be doing. We journalists desperately need more. Maybe there should be someone in charge of a service designed especially for journalism majors, which includes emphases in public relations, news editorial and broadcast.

I’m sure there are plenty of talented students who have been trying to shatter the barriers and at least get their big toe halfway jammed through the doorway. But no one from NIU is trying to push us inside.

Some kind of job placement program urgently needs to be initiated for the more than qualified, ready, willing and able students who want to do what we planned on doing when we first entered college—get out as soon as we can and make lots of money doing something we really enjoy.

Please, everyone in the journalism department, help us!! Start finding us available jobs. We’ll do the rest. The bulletin board in Reavis with the few month-old job offers isn’t enough.

Zlata Kozul