Blame yourself

I am a white male on this campus and I am tired of hearing about how whites are prejudiced towards blacks, when in fact, blacks are just as prejudiced toward us. Blacks can blame everyone they want, such as whites, faculty and the most ludicrous one, the Northern Star, but you never point the finger at yourselves. I am not saying that there is no racism on this campus, but it goes both ways. A good example of this is an article in the Northern Star on April 21, 1992, that described a racial attack on a white by three black males. Excuse me, but the Star is here to report events that happen on campus, don’t blame them for the wrongdoings of your race. They report what you do. Maybe you should turn your anger on your race instead of blaming others for your mistakes, that way something may get done.

I have been here for two years, and in those two years, I have heard complaints (legitimate) about racial remarks and actions, but not once have I heard any solutions. Complaining obviously gets you nowhere. There is nothing wrong with protests such as the one earlier this year because they let the campus know something is wrong. The problem is that you did nothing after that. What’s the sense of telling us a problem and then you don’t tell us things we can do to change. Please don’t say you are because I was at the protest and all people did was complain. Don’t expect us to come up with the solutions because it won’t happen.

If blacks don’t agree with the fact that you have racism against whites, tell me why is it that when blacks want to make friends with whites and hang out with them, they become outcasts among their own race and are called white lovers. For the most part you don’t want anything to do with us, but you expect us to like you and treat you like equals. If your attitude changes, maybe ours will, but I probably won’t see it in my lifetime, but I hope I do.

Before anything changes on this campus, students, black, white or any other color, are going to have to respect each other. If blacks want to stick together and not associate with whites, you are only going to slow down the process of equality, and that my friends is your fault, not ours.

Rich Dedic