Springtime conjures kind thoughts in mind

First of all, I would like to say that my theory that humbling experiences do happen in DeKalb was proved right again Monday.

Three baby ducks had fallen down a sewer located in the “grassy knoll” area between Lowden and Swen Parson Hall, and the grounds crew guys got them out. Soon, the mother and her three babies waddled off together towards the lagoon. Thank heavens they weren’t geese.

But anyway, there’s less than two weeks of classes left in school. This is evident by many things besides finals staring you in the face. People walking around in a daze, late night food ordering, the anticipating look in the eyes of seniors who get to leave DeKalb forever. For some people, this is a good time to take advantage of all those absences you never used up during the semester. For others, it’s time to deal with teachers that earlier conspired to have all major projects due at one time. Some, like me, are just stuck attending everything for fear of a grade drop. I think this week I may be able to make it to all my classes during the course of one week. However, it is only Wednesday.

Around this time each year that I’ve been here, everything has generally been, well, spring-like. No, not this year. The minute you think it finally gets nice out, it’s not. A good example would be Monday night. When I left my apartment to walk to 7-11, it was incredible out. Halfway there, however, I was hit by a flash flood of rain. Kudos to the guy who told me I looked like I fell in the lagoon. Ha. Ha. Ha.

It is still possible to entertain yourself lately even if it’s not nice enough to bask outside. The news itself is entertainment. First, I read about a couple who robbed a place and probably would have gotten away, except they left their six year old behind. The kid later identified his parents in a line up. There’s two people definitely unclear on the concept of robbery.

Even better was the story about a California woman who lit her husband on fire because he ate her chocolate Easter bunny. She said she “only meant to scare him” when she splashed rubbing alcohol on him and then lit him afire with a match. However, the woman says, “It was only a candy bar,” and “It was only a teaspoonful of alcohol.” Yet, the man has burns on 30 percent of his body. I hope she has one amazing lawyer.

Watching channel 11 can be interesting, too. Just last night there was a show on about mental illness. Now, mental illness is definitely not funny but just watching one part of this can make you realize how lucky you are to have your sanity. They asked this man if he knew what city he was in. He said, “Yes. Franco-American.” I never thought Spaghetti-O’s could be so important to a person.

In other news, a friend called to tell me that Charles “Chucky” Manson is up for parole. Yeah, Chuck … And monkeys might fly out of my butt!