Top 5 Netflix Originals for Fall 2021


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The Netflix home page shows a list of trending shows on a laptop screen.

By Janyce-Monique Johnson, Columnist

As cold weather approaches, we seek indoor entertainment to fill our free time. So, why not cuddle up on the couch and watch one of the many binge worthy Netflix Originals. Here are top five Netflix shows you may not have seen.

“The Umbrella Academy”

This show is my favorite show about superheroes/anti-heroes. “The Umbrella Academy” follows the story of seven siblings who each have unique supernatural abilities such as time travel, compulsion, and the ability to conjure the dead. One of them even has an octopus or squid in his belly. The siblings race against time to prevent the apocalypse and save the world. The show has had two amazing seasons and is rumored to have a new season coming in 2022, making it the perfect binge-worthy Netflix original. 


This show is for all the people who love thrillers and horror. “You” is centered around Joe Goldberg, a disturbed serial stalker obsessed with finding the perfect woman. The show keeps you on your toes as you analyze the thoughts and actions of Joe and watch his obsession lead to tragedy. The show released its third season Oct. 15, pushing the show to the top 10 list on Netflix.


This show is for all the people who love learning and understanding the world we live in. “Explained” is a series of episodes that effectively explain aspects of our lives in a way that our minds can consume. Some of the topics include the gender wage gap, astrology, cryptocurrency, beauty, and coronavirus. I personally liked the episode explaining the stock market. 


This show is for all the people who love mysteries. “Clickbait” follows the story of a kidnapped man, Nick Brewer, who goes viral after his captors post a video of him holding up a sign stating that he will die when the video reaches 5 million views.  What makes this show particularly unique is that each episode focuses on a different character and their connection to Nick. You will be wildly conflicted as you contemplate whether Nick is the good man everyone thought he was or not.

“Never Have I Ever”

This show is for all the people who love angsty teen dramas. “Never Have I Ever” follows the story of Davi, an Indian American teenage girl, who is boy crazy and has a lot of anger management issues. What makes her relatable to us all is the quirky situations she finds herself in and how she lets out a rage we all have felt or experienced as teenagers. High school was a mixture of good times and bad times and this show reflects that.