Newly recognized weightlifting club hopes to make varsity


Zulfiqar Ahmed I Northern Star

SGA had their meeting Sunday in the Capitol Room of the Holmes Student Center.

Jack Strunk, News Reporter

DeKALB — The SGA Senate passed a resolution Sunday to officially recognize  the Weightlifting Club as a student organization. 

Clayton Schopfer, chairperson of the Organizational Oversight Committee, said that the committee had been overseeing the Weightlifting Club’s steps to becoming an organization, and outlined the club’s main goals of training students for competitive weightlifting and forming a competitive team, as well as their long term goal of becoming a varsity sport.

The resolution passed unanimously, making the Weightlifting Club an officially recognized organization. 

The Senate then voted to appoint Katie Ashton, a first-year nursing major, as a  senator. Ashton said that she wanted to join SGA Senate for the leadership experience.

“I’ve always been involved in leadership throughout my life,” Ashton said. “I want to continue to grow as a leader.” 

Ashton outlined her goals as a senator for the College of Health and Human Sciences. Her primary goal is to start study groups for nursing major prerequisite courses to allow nursing students a community and to give additional support to pass difficult classes. 

The Senate voted unanimously to appoint Ashton as a senator. 

Blake Gurney, headquarter staff member for Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, spoke about his goals to revitalize the fraternity and to redefine the idea of fraternities through a  focused role more on leadership development. 

“This fraternity will be different,”  Gurney said. “We’re trying to build up (members) to be amazing people when they leave.” 

SGA President Devlin Collins announced to the Senate that on Tuesday there will be a rally in Peru, IL, to protest the police handling of the disappearance and death of Jelani Day. Collins encouraged those who were able to attend.

The Senate also held a small costume contest for its members, with the majority of them having dressed up and participated. Senator Maeve Wallace won the costume contest with her Bob Ross costume. 

The SGA town hall meeting, an event for the student body to voice their concerns to the SGA, was moved to 5 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 3, in the Oasis pit in Holmes Student Center.