5 horrible horror movies


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A woman watching a scary movie.

By Janyce-Monique Johnson

As Halloween approaches, you may find yourself browsing various streaming services for a good horror movie. If you happen upon the movies on this list, I urge you  not to watch them. Beware: Here’s a list of five bad horror movies.

1. The Human Centipede Series (2009, 2011, 2015)

Words can barely describe how much I despise these movies. One of my friends convinced me to watch “The Human Centipede” (2009), and needless to say, I will never watch it again. It is the most disgusting, low quality movie series I’ve ever seen in my life. The acting is atrocious, and the plot doesn’t allow you to connect to the protagonists at all. The concept of it will make you sick.

2. All Cheerleaders Die (2013)

Not as horrible as the first movie on this list, but still atrocious. The plot is confusing, and the acting is bad. The “protagonists” are not likable characters. While it is considered a horror/comedy, it is not scary or funny at all. The movie lacks purpose, and overall, it is not entertaining. 

3. Trick (2019)

Have you ever watched a movie and got to the end and thought, “Why did I just watch that?” That was my response to “Trick.” At first, I was optimistic that there would be an interesting plot since it seemed similar to “Halloween,” with the masked killer appearing every Halloween. However, the ending was disappointing and ruined the entire movie.

4. Gingerdead Man (2005)

I knew this movie would be bad before I even watched it. If you look at the poster for the movie and read the summary, you will know that this is not worthy of your attention. “Gingerdead Man” is one of those movies that’s laughable because it’s so bad. The plot involves a serial killer who has been revived as a gingerbread man, which sounds like a bad rip-off of Child’s Play/Chucky. The graphics are low quality, and the idea overall makes me shake my head. They even had the audacity to create sequels.

5. Valentine (2001)

The opening scene of “Valentine” was interesting— a boy at a Valentine’s Day themed dance receives harsh rejections from girls and gets tormented by bullies. However, the movie goes downhill from there because the plot is boring and not scary at all. It’s more of a mystery, since the main characters have to figure out who is the now-grown boy murdering all of them.