‘The Office Experience’ doesn’t disappoint fans


Ariel Morris

“The Office Experience” attendants can expect to see memorabilia from the set of the beloved NBC sitcom.

By Ariel Morris , Lifestyle writer

“The Office Experience” made its debut on Oct. 15, and fans were thrilled by its appearance on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. Viewing the setting of “The Office” was surreal, and the on-scene props were spot on. From the secretive items placed in each character’s drawer to answering crossword puzzles and seeing Kevin’s spilled pot of chili, this playful experience is worthwhile for true “The Office” fans.

There were many memorable moments and activities that visitors were able to get involved in such as, playing the infamous gold medal Olympic tournaments, taking interactive photos, playing “Dunderball” and more. The experience will make you feel like you’re a part of the Dunder Mifflin family. 

Fans are brought to a world full of nostalgia when they are introduced to various sentimental and hidden gems found throughout the office, such as finding Kevin’s toupée and Meridith’s Jameson. There were different areas of the experience that highlighted the show’s most iconic moments, such as having a section of Jim and Pam’s wedding at the church and their trip to Niagara Falls. The replica of the whole set is impeccable, and fans were able to view the real version of certain objects like Dwight’s mannequin face, stapler in jello in glass containers, and the Dundie Awards through the courtesy of NBC.

Visitors were free to roam around the office and explore, many having taken photos in the most memorable spots, such as Dunder Mifflin’s regional manager’s office. Pictures were also taken while walking on the fake fiery rocks and even touring the Schrute farms. There were many photos to be taken throughout this journey, and there was also a fun interactive game of answering questions only true “The Office” fans would know. 

The ambience of the experience is a sensational one, and its quality of bringing a classic to real life is heart warming for fans to have the exclusive experience to be a part of their favorite TV show, “The Office.” It’s honorable of NBC to have fans able to see their favorite comfort show right before them and to reenact through parts of the experience. The time spent recreating the set of  “The Office” is impressive. Everything appeared spot on, and touring through it was awesome.