Jerk Fuzion blends cultures with food


Summer Fitzgerald

Jerk Fuzion Bar and Grill, 930 Pappas Drive, offers authentic Jamaican-style cuisine and a place where everyone “can let their hair down.”

By Quade Evans, Lifestyle reporter

DeKALB –  Jerk Fuzion Bar and Grill stands out compared to all of the restaurants in DeKalb as with its different cultural roots and nightlife scene. Jerk Fuzion, 930 Pappas Drive, manages to be a hit on and off campus.  

Jerk Fuzion, which opened in 2020, offers authentic, unique and flavorful Jamaican-style food fused with a Chicago influence. Jerk Fuzion has come and brought a new life into the DeKalb restaurant scene with its new take on Caribbean cuisine and its motto of “It’s a vibe on the inside.” 

“When we came here, there were no Jamaican restaurants in DeKalb,” said Derek Flossi, owner of Jerk Fuzion.  

Despite any Jamaican establishment in DeKalb, Jerk Fuzion has quickly established itself among not only locals, but NIU students as well. At any given time, there are people of all ages, students, professors and community members enjoying food at the restaurant. 

Offering over 24 dishes, the restaurant serves dishes such as wings, Jerk chicken, Jerk tacos, pizza, sandwiches and more. 

The restaurant has definitely found its niche, especially among the Black population at the university. Most restaurants offer more of a generalized palette whereas Jerk Fuzion offers a specific type of food which adds another feather in the cap of the nightlife in DeKalb.

Inside of Jerk Fuzion, Jamaican-style Bar and Grill. (Summer Fitzgerald)

 “We really wanted to represent the Black community,”  Flossi said. 

Jerk Fuzion serves its own flavorful Jerk Chicken along with its own house DJ and decor that provides everyone a place where they can “let their hair down,” according to the Jerk Fuzion website. Customers can enjoy the latest hip-hop, latin, R&B and Jamaican music when they visit the restaurant. 

COVID-19 has definitely hurt the small business sector, but Jerk Fuzion has no plans to stop soon.  

“We’re still gonna be here,”  Flossi said.  

Visit the Jerk Fuzion website for more information or contact (815) 375-5138.