City Council to discuss reconstruction of Twombly Road


Zulfiqar Ahmed I Northern Star

Fifth ward Alderperson Scott McAdams talks during an Aug. 23 City Council meeting. The fifth ward currently has 5,731 residents, according to the 2020 Census.

By Elisa Reamer, News Editor

DeKALB — The City Council will discuss passing a resolution to use the state’s motor fuel tax for the reconstruction of Twombly Road for $600,000. 

Twombly Road alternates between city and township jurisdictions across a short stretch. 

“The road had deteriorated significantly requiring rehabilitation, and the current project replaces the street surface, storm sewer, and curb and gutter and introduces a sidewalk on the north side and a walking path on the south side,” according to the Nov. 8 City Council agenda.  

DeKalb Township provided construction engineering and contracts administration. They also are responsible for billing the City of DeKalb for the service costs, according to the City Council agenda.  

Council to discuss Collective Bargaining Agreement 

The City Council will discuss a resolution to pass an amendment to the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the DeKalb Fraternal Order of Police that will run until Dec. 31, 2022. 

Illinois Fraternal Order of Police held the first bargaining session with the City of DeKalb on Sept. 21 involving the Citizen Police Review Board to discuss three main concerns: no officer should be sworn against the board against their will, the board must keep active disciplinary proceedings confidential and proceedings should not be released until rulings are final, the agenda reads. 

Several residents spoke up about their concerns during the public hearing session of the Sept. 27 City Council meeting

The City and FOP have focused on completing drafts for Section B, Article 14, which involves “Discipline and Discharge” and “Stationary Provisions.” 

The language will be changed to reflect new policies and understandings including how to proceed with disciplinary actions.

Action must be conducted consistently through the Uniform Police Officers Disciplinary Act and the Illinois Labor Relations Act.

The Council will also discuss passing the ordinance on second reading of the Citizen Police Review Board to reflect the bargaining sessions and resident complaints. 

“As a result of the labor negotiations over the past six weeks is that a complaint brought to the Citizen Police Review Board against a Police Officer must be considered by the Citizen Police Review Board in closed session and the public release of those proceedings must await the final outcome of discipline,” reads the agenda.