Democrats digging own graves

The Democrats could have had a close contest with President George Bush.

They could have discussed issues such as the environment, the sluggish economy and national health care.

But instead, they picked candidates who have resorted to childish name-calling. On Saturday, Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton and his rival, former California Gov. Jerry Brown, accused each other of running “sleazy campaigns.” After being blasted by Clinton, Brown said, “Mr. Clinton, I think your nose is getting a little too long.” No wonder Bush has been silent for the past few weeks, he’s letting these two clowns destroy each other’s reputations enough so that all he has to do is come in for the final blow to his final opponent, presumably Clinton.

Even New York Gov. Mario Cuomo said the two should be talking about the issues so there is a united Democratic party, but they still don’t seem to get the message.

After these last tactics, it’ll be surprising if either one receives any votes.

The fact is, neither one of the Democratic presidential hopefuls has made it clear where they stand on anything. Both of them should devote a little more time and energy to the actual campaigning and forego the slum tactics.

If these two candidates make some sort of stand soon, then whomever is chosen for the Democratics presidential nominee will be able to give Bush a run for his money.

If not, Bush has got the campaign in the bag, and without saying a word.