Race problems

Well Terrance, YOU are really doing your part to promote equality here at NIU. I’m sure all of OUR racial problems would be solved if there were more people like YOU here at NIU. I would simply like to point out a few flaws in YOUR views.

YOU must certainly be correct, Terrance, in saying there are no racist people here at NIU who are black. YOU must know, Terrance, that people who are black could SURELY never commit an act of racial violence. The 10 or more incidents this year alone of unprovoked people who are black attacking people who are white must simply be a silly coincidence. YOU are right, Terrance, how dare WE claim a violation of OUR rights? Since WE happen to be white, surely OUR rights cannot be violated in the same manner YOURS can be.

YOU ask US not to write telling YOU that a problem does not exist here at NIU only two sentences after YOU claim that blacks hate US. YOU then go on to accuse US of not being able to see past color? Well, Terrance, YOU are right once in your letter, there is a problem at NIU. The problem is that there are too many people like YOU!

John Morrey