Volunteers needed to serve as delegates

By Scott Lohman

Students interested in a mock United Nations convention are encouraged to become U.N. delegates for a few days.

The NIU model U.N. chapter is looking for volunteers to become model U.N. delegates to represent two different countries at a mock U.N. convention in Chicago, Nov. 19-21 said Charles Huber, head delegate of Austria.

Austria is one of the countries which NIU model U.N. delegates will represent. The other is Mexico.

“As much as students put into it, they’ll get out of it,” said Kathy Gomez, president of NIU’s United Nations Delegation, about the model U.N.

Gomez said that students will have the “opportunity to get the feel of the real U.N. and how it works. Delegates will put all they know to use in a realistic U.N. setting.”

The model U.N. wants delegates to be interested in the U.N., the countries and/or politics, Huber said. Student delegates will “meet people, receive experience and knowledge, and it will look good on a resume.”

He said any major is welcome to join, however political science, communication, cultural studies, Spanish and German majors are especially encouraged.

Huber added that there is a good possibility that students will receive college credit for being in the model U.N., but they should be interested in the U.N. foremost.

“It (the model U.N.) is a wonderful movement,” said Lawrence Finkelstein, political science professor and former U.S. United Nations delegate. “It’s good for students to learn about the organization and meet people.”

He also said that if the NIU delegates are good enough, there is a chance to go to a national model U.N. competition.

Interested students need to have the “availability and confidence to speak and carry out model U.N. functions,” Gomez said.

Student delegates will also need to meet for a couple of hours per week in the fall semester to prepare for the November convention, Huber said. The convention will be with about 60 other Midwest colleges representing around 90 different countries.

Students who are interested in joining the NIU model U.N. chapter can either attend a meeting Sunday at 9:00 p.m. in Dusable Hall, Room 220C, or contact Huber before the meeting at 756-1065.