Concise language

This is in response to Michael Roberts accusing Dr. Gorman and other members of the English department of being Orwellian Red Queens for pushing inclusive language.

It seems to me that it is you and your reactionary conservative cohorts who are playing the part of the Red Queen (I thought it was the Walrus who said “a word exactly what I mean it to mean”). Gorman, the Selfs and others merely want their students to use more accurate language, the words postman and chairman imply maleness, whereas postal carrier and chairperson do not and thus are clearer and more accurate.

Whether you and your cohorts are being Orwellian or merely sticks in the mud I can’t say, but I don’t think the English department can be fairly accused of being Orwellian or Fascist. Big Brother was trying to distort the language, Dr. Self, et al., are trying to clarify it.

There is a major difference between a left-wing political science professor who docks points just because a student espouses libertarian ideals and an English professor who docks points because a student uses what the professor feels is unclear language, especially when the student has been warned ahead of time. The poli. sci. professor could fairly be accused of fascism but I don’t think the English professor could.

I use this terminology very carefully: you are being conservative, i.e., not wanting to change, and you seem to me to be reacting with knee-jerk quickness and intensity (“projectile vomiting”?!).

Insert the political leanings of your choice.

obert Morphis


Physics Dept.