School of Music to host jazz themed concert ‘Swingin’ in the Holidays’


Northern Star File Photo

The Jazz Combo Fest put on by the School of Music took place at the House Cafe in 2017.

Quade Evans, Lifestyle reporter

DeKALB –The NIU School of Music has no shortage of concerts for the month as they’re set to host “Swingin’ in the Holidays” from 3 to 5 p.m. on Sunday in the Boutell Memorial Concert Hall.

This concert offers an ensemble of jazz musicians and instruments playing a wide variety of music. The show draws its inspiration from multiple styles of jazz music, including the iconic swing genre of music. The concert will feature over 20 different musicians and five different swing styles, according to the website. 

“The event is a celebration of the art of jazz music,” said Tina Zemzemi, office administrator of the School of Music. “Swingin’ in the Holidays definitely appeals to those who like jazz music, but even those who don’t enjoy jazz personally can still find something to enjoy out of the show, like the numerous musical numbers or the energy-filled band performance.”

The School of Music is no stranger to jazz music or concerts in general, with music concerts being held regularly throughout the month of November. 

“At the end of the day, the goal is to have fun,” Zemzemi said. 

More information on the concert can be found on the NIU Box Office website. To register for tickets, students must pay a $5 fee, and adults must pay a $10 dollar fee to enter. For any further questions, contact the School of Music at 815-753-1551.