Tips on staying healthy during the winter time


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An illustration showcasing many aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

By Ariel Morris , Lifestyle writer

As the cooler weather approaches, the lack of motivation for physical activity may hinder some people. The cold can make it difficult for some people to stay active when staying home and eating seems more comfortable. These are some tips to maintain a healthier lifestyle in the fall and winter seasons.

Alternate your mindset

The first step when it comes to achieving any goal is having the right mindset. Many people create their workout goals specifically for weight loss. When focusing the attention solely on weight loss, it might be easier to fall off track. In some cases, people may not appreciate how they appear at the moment and won’t truly accept themselves until they achieve their desired weight goal. Weight loss through behavioral changes can be a more efficient journey, according to NPR

Eat in moderation

As we’re approaching the holidays, delicious foods can be hard to resist and can interfere with one’s health. Eating in moderation is key for setting healthy boundaries because the risk of weight gain is limited. Andrea Drott, associate director of student wellness at NIU, advised people to not deprive themselves of eating what they want but rather make a conscious note to save food for later. 

“There’s a lot of opportunities for overindulgence and to eat differently than we normally do,” Drott said. “Being gentle with yourself is always important. One mistake does not mean you never have to do it again. Getting back into the routine is always better than just ignoring it completely.” 

Stay hydrated and get enough sleep

Lack of sleep can have a negative impact on weight, and it’s important that people should get the appropriate amount of sleep. Lack of sleep can cause weight gain and lead to higher rates of obesity, according to SleepFoundation. There are numerous ways to improve one’s sleep routine, such as creating (and sticking to) a sleep schedule. As for hydration, it’s crucial to stay hydrated. Water has numerous health benefits such as calorie burning, removing toxins and waste from one’s body, being an appetite suppressant and more, according to  MedicalNewsToday

The holidays bring more opportunities to indulge in food. Though setting and pursuing a continuous goal for weight loss during these times can be difficult, it’s important to have a focused, motivated and positive mindset for achieving those goals. This achievement won’t happen overnight, but the satisfaction of putting in the hard work is gratifying.