Geese issue remains absurd

There is a grave danger to the people of this campus and they have bills and quack.


The University Campus Environmental Committee has modified its original plan to rid the campus of the geese and leave only a pair, while looking into the possibility of moving some into the West Lagoon. Still, the question must remain as to why there is a supposed threat anyway. Senate speaker Mike Starzec brought up a good point when he said ducks can be aggressive too. If there was a serious threat from the geese, the problem would have been addressed a long time ago.

Even Vice President of Business and Operations James Harder acknowledged there were concerns from people about their reasons for ridding the campus of the geese. But he continued with a story about a report of a visually-impaired student being attacked by the geese because they are so protective of their eggs.

Also, if committee members think that by disposing most of the geese somewhere else that they are solving the excrement problem, they should remember the ducks still will be around. While it won’t be as bad, people still might have to actually walk out of their way in order to avoid it.

According to some student members, it appears as if the committee had its own agenda and went forth on its decision. But at least the students know there are more important issues.