Fill in the blank: My New Year’s resolution is . . .

The Opinion Staff shares their New Year’s resolutions for 2022.


Zulfiqar Ahmed

Columnists look forward to 2022 by making their New Year’s resolutions.

By Opinion Staff, Parker Otto, and Summer Fitzgerald

… be more of service 

Parker Otto | Columnist

I’ve always been willing to take the time to give back to my community. However, during college and the pandemic, I have found myself regressing into my studies and focusing on my career. But I need to do more. So, I plan on taking some time each month to volunteer at the Huskie Food Pantry, donate plasma and do whatever I can to help others. 

We are all part of one big community and we all have to contribute. It is our responsibility as humans to build up others whether it’s by giving our blood to those who need it or putting in some time at a telethon or a food pantry. 


… get more organized

Summer Fitzgerald | Opinion Editor

I used to always be a student and worker that was on top of things, never behind and always organized. However, I think the chaos of college life this past year has nearly stripped that trait away from me. I want to get back on track and get in a strong habit of staying on schedule, accomplishing work on time, and keeping track of everything I have going on.

It’s normal to get overwhelmed with having multiple extracurriculars, so there are a lot of resources to help us students succeed. Even if it is as simple as updating the calendar on your wall, a little bit goes a long way with these habits.