Enough help

The events of the past two weeks here at NIU are justifiably causing some concern. I think everyone will agree that racism exists and is present on campus. I hear a lot of complaining “that nothing’s being done” to correct the situation. Perhaps the reason racism isn’t going away is because we are all too busy working on the problem from the wrong end!

Take for instance, the article in the Sun Times the other day. A black man was writing about what he calls “The Soul Patrol.” This “patrol” is all African-Americans that accuse successful blacks of “not being black enough!” This article and a subsequent discussion of it on WLS radio explained it for all of us. Callers into WLS (black callers) were either in the “patrol” or describing the effects thereof. It was absolutely amazing! Apparently, if blacks aren’t African enough, they are shunned by other members of the race. The African callers confirmed this and even described several “things” that make black people white! Wow! I didn’t know that could be done! Unfortunately, the other black callers could not enlighten me. They all pretty much agreed that, according to the “patrol,” unless they are an African-American on drugs, welfare or in jail—they’re not black enough!

Why is this so? I think the problem is that they (African-Americans) are not and do not want to be Americans, people of color and anything else they call themselves. If you feel that being American is being too white—TOO BAD! If you are missing African culture, go to Africa! Whatever you people decide to do, just take your racism with you! Whites, society and the government have done all they can for you, so just let everybody be themselves, associate with whom they want, live where they want and please stop punishing blacks who make something of their lives!

Randy Rynkewicz