Point/Counterpoint: Movie theaters vs streaming platforms

Streaming services are on the rise, but what about the classic enjoyment of going out to the movie theaters?


Zulfiqar Ahmed

Streaming services are slowly replacing the concept of movie theatres.

By JaMaria'h Crider and Parker Otto

Point: Theaters are the Best Way to Experience Films

Parker Otto, Columnist 

Every time I go to the theater, it’s an experience. When those lights go down, I am in heaven because I am watching a film on an incredibly large screen with surround sound. Even if the film is bad, I can at least enjoy it because it’s in a place that I love. 

All of the outside elements that normally distract me from watching films are non-existent in theaters. Everyone turns off their cell phones, everyone is quiet and, together, seeing the same film with an audience becomes a communal experience. We become more immersed in the story and we feel all the same emotions, only it feels stronger. Comedies become funnier, horror films are scarier and blockbusters are all the more powerful. 

Now, I love streaming. Netflix alone has given me some of my favorite films like “Tick, Tick…Boom!,” “The Irishman,” “The Trial of the Chicago Seven” and “Marriage Story.” But if I had to choose between watching them on my tv or in a theater, I’d choose a theater every time. When you can pause the film or spend half of the film looking at your cell phone, it cheapens the experience. 

Only by watching a film in theaters, with no distractions, can you fully experience the majesty of cinema. Since I’m a huge fan of movies and want to become a filmmaker, theaters mean a lot to me and they are the superior way to watch films both old and new. 


Counterpoint: Streaming is the best way to experience films

JaMaria’h Crider, Columnist

Have you ever thought about how expensive going to the movies is? The tickets themselves are at least $10-$12, $5 if you catch them on a Tuesday. Let’s be honest, who goes to the movies at the beginning of the week anyway?

Let’s not even get started on the snacks. Why go to the movies and spend $30-$50 on snacks when you can literally go to the store yourself and buy whatever snacks you want for a much cheaper price?

Do you know what’s better than paying $10-$12 for a ticket and spending $30 or more on some snacks that will be gone before the movie even starts? Streaming. Most of the time you can rent new movies on the Amazon Firestick for $3.99 or more. Streaming and renting movies are so much cheaper than movie tickets themselves. 

Besides, movie theaters are always freezing cold so you have to bring your own blanket. That’s the worst. You can barely focus on how good the movie is because you’re too busy shaking the cold breeze off your body. It’s so irritating. If you stream at home, you won’t have this issue. Instead, you can control your own heat and air.

When you stream you never have to worry about some loudmouth in the back screaming, “DONT YOU GO IN THERE GIRL, HE’S IN THERE. YOU’RE ABOUT TO DIE!” Yes, we all know the type. Instead of spending your money to listen to someone who’s not an actor/actress scream in your ear, you can stream at home in your own comfort.