Local restaurant struggles due to opening during COVID-19

Taki’s To Go opened during the rush of the Omicron variant.


Zulfiqar Ahmed

Taki’s To Go, 817 W Lincoln Hwy, serves traditional American food.

DeKALB Any DeKalb resident or NIU student looking for a new place to hang out with a diverse menu should consider visiting Taki’s To Go, 817 W Lincoln Hwy.

Customers can order a variety of food including burgers, homemade chicken sandwiches, wraps, a sloppy Docky (a sloppy Joe named after the owner’s nickname) and fresh cut fries made previously famous at the former Huddle.

Owner Chris Bahramis said he wanted his restaurant to have a homemade feel. Because of this, the Taki’s To Go menu is mostly comprised of American food.

Bahramis said he opened this restaurant to give back to the community.

“I worked with my family restaurant for years,” Bahramis said. “I wanted to do something on my own.“

Taki’s To Go opened on Nov. 22, less than two weeks after the Omicron variant first ravished the country. The Omicron variant had a direct impact on the opening of Taki’s To Go.

“COVID has affected us drastically since we opened, understandably people didn’t want to go out to eat in public places,” Bahramis said. “It has been a challenge, but I have received a lot of help from the NIU students.”  

The pandemic has also limited the available workforce. 

“When we opened, we started with five employees,” Bahramis said.  “Two students had to leave due to school schedule. It’s been hard finding workers because people are still not ready to return to work.” 

Taki’s to Go can be contacted via phone at 815-739-7146, their website or their Facebook.