Forster focuses campaign on efficiency

By Sabryna Cornish

Efficient government is what DeKalb County Board member James Forster wants for the board next year.

Forster, who must be reelected to the board, has been on the board for two years. He was appointed to his first year and elected to his second year.

Because there are two seats on the board for each district and only two people are running in his district, Forster is uncontested for the position.

Although the downsliding economy has taken its toll everywhere, Forster said the board has managed to keep finances above deficit level.

“We’ve tightened our belts a lot,” he said. Because of this belt tightening, Forster said there will not be a tax increase in the county this year.

“The temptation to raise taxes is great,” he said.

Forster said he feels if the government is run as efficiently as possible, the board will be okay with finances this year.

He also said, however, one big problem the county board has had is with the DeKalb County Nursing Home, 2331 Sycamore Road.

Although Forster feels the county home will continue to be a problem, it is operating with no deficit.

“There was a delay in the Medicare payment from the state for six months at one time,” he said. “(The home) will continue to be a problem.”

Forster has lived in DeKalb for more than 50 years. He worked with DeKalb Genetics for 28 years and then was president of the DeKalb Bank for 14 years.

He went to Dixon High School and graduated from the Dixon School of Business.

Forster is retired but still active in the community.