DeKalb day planner: Feb. 20


Madelaine Vikse

The Junction Eating Place, established in 1969, is a highly-rated diner in DeKalb (Madelaine Vikse | Northern Star)

By Grace Barone, Lifestyle writer

NIU has been coined as a “suitcase school” for years, meaning students stay on campus during the week then pack their suitcase and head home for the weekend. While there are a variety of reasons why students may choose to go home over the weekend, lack of ideas on what to do in DeKalb is part of it. If you’re sick of driving home just to sit in your childhood bedroom for the weekend, here are some ideas of what to do this Sunday in DeKalb. 

Breakfast at The Junction

Start your morning off with breakfast at The Junction Eating Place, located at 816 W Lincoln Highway. This restaurant is the ideal spot to grab a bite to eat on a Sunday. The menu is huge with a variety of options. All menu items are served all day, so if you’re a late riser you won’t miss out on breakfast food or if you’re a person that likes a burger at 8 a.m., The Junction is the place to go. 

“We accept Huskie Bucks and offer a student discount if you come in with your student ID,” said George Tsiagalis, the manager of The Junction.

Mid-day entertainment

After breakfast, catch a movie at the AMC Market Square 10, located at 2160 Sycamore Road. The theater offers a 30% discount for Sunday matinees. Click here to view the movies and showtimes at this theater. Tom Holland’s new action movie, “Uncharted,” is playing at 12:30 p.m. this Sunday. 

If you don’t have a car, don’t worry. The Huskie Bus route 17 drops you off in front of the Walmart off of Sycamore Road, making it a quick walk to the theater. If sitting in a theater isn’t your thing but you’re still in the mood to relax and watch something, tune into the live video of NIU’s men’s wrestling meet at noon. This Sunday NIU is facing SIUE. Find the live stream on the NIU website

Bowling at Mardi Gras Lanes

After either watching the meet or the movie, stretch your legs and play a game of bowling at Mardi Gras Lanes, located at 1730 Sycamore Road. Mardi Gras Lanes has a Sunday deal of $1.50 games per lane per person, compared to their regular price of $9 per lane per person. On top of that, their pizza is actually pretty good for a bowling center. The bowling center is a short walk from the theater, or you can take bus route 17 and get dropped off in front of the Dairy Queen located on Sycamore Road. Mardi Gras Lanes is right behind it. 

When you’re done with bowling, jump back on the bus to get back to campus. It will take you to the student center. Hopefully, you’re not too tired to finish up homework or cram for a test. Make sure that you schedule time to prepare for the start of a new school week and enjoy your weekend!