Multicultural catering business to open brick and mortar restaurant in DeKalb

Provecho currently only offers delivery on their food that is mostly from Venezuela.


Courtesy of Emmanuel Gonzalez

Tequechees is Provecho’s most popular dish ordered by delivery or catering. Provecho is in the works to open a restaurant in downtown DeKalb.

DeKALB — Provecho is a multicultural restaurant set to open in downtown DeKalb at the end of this year. The restaurant has been in the catering business for three and a half years.

This is only the beginning for Provecho. They’re currently in the works of getting the restaurant ready for customers to have the full Provecho experience.

Provecho mainly serves Venezuelan food but is excited to add many new additions to their menu so that everyone can find something that suits their taste. 

They plan for Provecho to be a new favorite small-town diner, serving Venezuelan dishes along with items for most palates. 

“Our plans for Provecho’s interior are still undetermined; all we know for certain is that the food will be tasty and the atmosphere will feel like home,” owner of Provecho, Emmanuel Gonzalez said. “We strive for Provecho to be the hot spot everyone comes to for first dates, family dinners and so many more special occasions.” 

Right now, their most popular dish is their Tequechees, which are fried cheese fingers, occasionally also made with Nutella, guava and ham. 

They also offer many authentic, homemade Venezuelan food options that you can find on their online menus available via Instagram and Facebook. 

As far as Provecho’s plans for the future, “Provecho plans to continue to serve every one of all cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds, as well as encourage people to try different foods they never would’ve before,” Gonzalez said. “My biggest wish as of now is to open our doors and feed some hungry customers. I’m very excited for what the future holds.”

Provecho and its regular customers are eager for the grand opening. “Provecho’s food is delicious and Manny is wonderful,” said first-year law student Amanda Vilanova. “I’d never tried Venezuelan food before and it was awesome. I will definitely be ordering from them again.”

Closer to the grand opening, planned to happen some time at the end of this year, Provecho will also be hiring employees, so jobseekers should keep their eyes peeled. 

Right now, people can order directly through their Instagram Mondays through Thursdays and have their order delivered right to them Saturday through Sunday. 

Provecho currently has delivery services in DeKalb, Sycamore, Rochelle, Cortland, Malta and Geneva. 

For those interested in ordering, they can contact Provecho via phone at 815-508-0523, their Facebook or Instagram.