SGA presidential candidate hopes to support all students

Voting for SGA will occur Tuesday and Wednesday in multiple locations across campus.


Zohair Khan

Raaif Majeed, a senior pre-med student majoring in psychology, hopes to push NIU in a new direction and implement changes that will leave a legacy on campus.

By Elisa Reamer and Abby Byer

DeKALB – Raaif Majeed, a senior pre-med student majoring in psychology, is running for president of the Student Government Association in its upcoming elections on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Majeed has been involved with various activities on campus but if he wins the presidency, this will be his first time being a part of SGA. 

“I’m running for this position because I think it is a very vital time for our university,” Majeed said. “I think we are coming out of the pandemic and a lot of the changes that will take place here will shape our future for years and years to come and so right now it’s important for us to implement policies and changes that will, you know, push us in the right direction and set us up for success for years to come.” 

Majeed has worked with Med Life NIU, Operation Smile NIU, university housing as a community adviser for a year and is a part of Sigma Nu Fraternity, Interfraternity Council executive board and Order of Omega Greek Honor Society. 

Majeed said the president of SGA is an important role because it represents the student body. 

“It’s extremely important that we have student voices being heard involving all items of governments at NIU and make sure we move forward in the direction we want to together,” Majeed said. 

Majeed believes he is qualified for the president position because of the number of leadership experiences he has had on and off of campus. 

“I’ve had to oversee a budget that is far greater than the student government budget, I’ve had to oversee a professional staff that’s double the size of the student government staff, and so all of these experiences have prepared me to take on this position and do all of the responsibilities that come with the role,” Majeed said. 

If elected, Majeed hopes to leave a legacy on the campus and change its culture. 

Majeed’s three main goals are to make SGA operational and reach its full capacity filled with experienced and ethical leaders to improve student experience, support and sustain the increase of diversity on campus and make sure they have the support needed to remain successful and work with student affairs to continue their mission of supporting NIU students. 

“Students should vote for me because I have, I personally believe, the most amount of executive experience out of anybody who is running for office right now and under my leadership, I will be able to push our student body in the direction it needs to go over the next year,” Majeed said.

Voting for the Student Government Association will occur from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday in Barsema Hall, DuSable Hall, Founders Memorial Library, Holmes Student Center and New Hall Community Center. Students can also vote on Huskie Link for 24 hours.