Vice President of Student Affairs candidate plans to help students thrive


Sean Reed

Vice President of Student Affairs Clint-Michael Reneau spoke in April about how he will make tough decisions if that means students will succeed.

DeKALB — The search for NIU’s next Vice President of Student Affairs continues with candidate Clint-Michael Reneau. 

Reneau is currently a consultant for the American Association of States Colleges and Universities. 

He completed most of his postsecondary education from Texas State University, earning a bachelor of arts in communication studies and later a master of education in guidance and counseling with an emphasis in student affairs. Most recently, Reneau became a doctor of philosophy in adult, professional and community education. 

A public forum with Reneau was held Thursday from 3 to 4 p.m. in the Illinois Room at the Holmes Student Center.

Reneau answered questions from students, staff and other members of the community who were present both in person and via Facebook Live.

He shared his own experience as a college student and how he understands students and what they need to be successful. 

“Our students shouldn’t have to survive in college, they should be thriving,” Reneau said. “I understand what students need to make them successful in college, and I’m not afraid to make the tough decisions. I’ve made them my entire career.”

Reneau is very invested in his students and their futures. 

“I want to change the way we provide for students; especially minorities,” Reneau said. “I believe equity minded strategies and assessments to inform each domain (learning, career exploration, identity based, engagement) are necessary.” 

Reneau prioritizes staying active in student based events and activities. 

“Mentoring and holding the door open for students is something I had when I was in college and is something I want to do for more students to come,” Reneau said. “Another thing my colleagues and I do to stay connected with students is to actively attend student based events and activities.” 

Reneau is confident in his abilities that he will be a strong asset here at NIU. 

“You can never go into a new institution with an old institution’s mindset,” Reneau said. “The next step is always greater than now.” 

If elected for VP of Student Affairs, Reneau has many goals and visions for NIU. 

“In my vision of student affairs, I want to create a culture of care. Providing students with strong validation is vital.” Reneau said.