More errors

Thanks Jamey Heckman! You may be the only other person on campus who has been catching these Star spelling and grammatical errors. But wait—there are so many more—mistaking “your” for “you’re” is the least of it. Not only do they make those mistakes in a tucked away little article that is poorly written and apparently not proofed; but they are in the big old ADS!!

I believe it was 1 or 2 days after Feb. 11 that a large 6″ by 8″ spring break ad for CAB had the same mistake—”Your going to love spring break”—and a page or two later, an ad to solicit ads for the Valentine issue said “Dear Sweatie” rather than “Dear Sweetie”. I’m sure that my husband would die for such a sexy personal.

It takes me 20 minutes to read this paper cover to cover and catch nearly all of the errors. Find some proofreader people or hire Jamey and I.

T.M. Bardi-Koch

Geology and Anthropology

(Leaving DeKalb for U of South Florida_

Thank God)