Mother’s Day gift ideas


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By Madelaine Vikse, Editor-in-Chief

It’s easy to put things off until the last minute or forget that Mother’s Day is this Sunday due to being busy with work and finals. If this sounds familiar, here are some gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

Something thoughtful

Anyone can go to the store and pick something out. Take some time and brainstorm a handful of thoughtful gift ideas; it will mean so much more to the recipient. 

Think about what she enjoys. Is there a certain hobby that she likes? What is her favorite movie or show? What about her job does she look forward to? What is she passionate about? Is there something she’s been wanting for a while?

If she’s usually the one making meals for the family, find a recipe she will enjoy and cook a nice meal for her. Another option could be to book a reservation at a restaurant she likes or find a new place that looks good. 

Everyone is different, so give it some thought before you buy something. For example, my mom is a librarian; I’m planning to get some book-related gifts that I know she will enjoy and can use daily. 


Perfume is a great gift idea if nothing comes to mind. Take a look at what perfumes she has currently; if she has a favorite, another bottle could be an easy and safe option.

There is the option of completely customizing a fragrance from scratch. Ask her what scents she enjoys and pick a few that would blend together well. One can customize their own fragrance from scratch on websites such as WAFT (starting at $59 for a 15 milliliter and two 5-milliliter fragrances) and Scent Crafters (around $40 for a 3.4-ounce bottle). This could be a great way to create a unique and personalized scent for her to enjoy.

Sign up for a subscription

A subscription box can be a fun gift idea for Mother’s Day. If she’s a fan of wine, consider looking at a monthly wine subscription box. Firstleaf offers six wines for $39.95 plus free shipping for one’s first order.

If she’s not a big fan of wine, there are other subscription boxes for things such as tea, beauty, books and more.


Although flowers may seem basic or boring, they can be a nice addition to another gift. Something thoughtful along with flowers could be the perfect Mother’s Day gift combination.

It’s not required to spend a lot of money for Mother’s Day. Even something simple like making a meal, writing a poem or cleaning her car can show the thought and time that was put into the idea and how appreciated she is.